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Lino Cervar: “We can reach the Champions League group stage”

The Croatian coach with most trophies, Lino Cervar, will continue coaching Metalurg from Skopje for 3rd consecutive year, and this year he believes the team is ready to reach the group stage, after failing to reach it last year. He says that he “would be delighted to win the Macedonian league for the third time, and the Cup for 4th time in a row, but also that the team is capable of reaching the group stage, and perhaps even the TOP16”.

Cervar has reasons to back his claims, and thats Kozlina, Markovic and Stanic arriving at the club, and should provide the club with more versatility than before, and at the qualification tournament in Israel, where Metalurg meets the Israeli, Icelandic and Norwegian champion, the players should prove decisive for the battle to enter the group stage of the Champions League.

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