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Ljubomir Vranjes declined DHB offer!

Ljubomir Vranjes won’t be a new German NT head-coach! Succesful coach, the first target of all big projects as PSG Handball or German NT, once again repeat that he will stay avaliable only for SG Flensburg until 2017, when his contract will come to the end.

– I have for some time informed DHB that I will not be available as a German national coach. The decision was taken together with my family. It was a great honor to be one of the coaches who they asked and I am sure they will find the right man for the job – wrote Ljubo on his Facebook profile.

DHB has two other “targets” – Dagur Sigurdssson and Markus Baur. Sigurdsson is still without “comment” for a possible second job (the first is in Fuchse Berlin). It seems now that chances of the fresh Junior European Champion, Baur, becoming bigger…

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