Luminita Dinu the best female goalkeeper ever!

More than 7000 handball fans from all over the world had cast their votes – and the result is clear in this fan voting: Luminita Dinu (born Hutupan) had the huge majority of all votes for the question “Who is the best female handball goalkeeper ever?” on the website. Nearly 94 percent of all votes were for the Romanian, who became Silver medalist at the World Championships in Russia in 2005. Furthermore Dinu won the Women’s EHF Champions League three times. Nowadays she’s the goalkeepers coach of the successful Romanian national team, which just won the Bronze medal at the EHF EURO 2010.

Dinu was clearly leading ahead of Cecilie Leganger (Norway, 4,03%), Lene Rantala (Denmark, 1,36%) and Tanja Dshandsghva (Russia, 0,84 %).



  1. slagelse

    29. December 2014. at 07:34

    This voting is insane. Cecilie Leganger is the best goalkeeper of all time, she had the highest stabile level and toplevel. There is not anyone who can say that they have been as good as Leganger anytime. Leganger has the world records on the save rates. She was the best goalkeeper for 20 years. Beat that. Good luck, you`re gonna need it.

  2. slagelse

    13. October 2012. at 00:53

    Hm. Very sorry for this choice, beauce Cecilie Leganger is still active and she is still the best goalkeeper in the world.

  3. Cund Ernő

    11. January 2011. at 13:54

    I guess 94% of the votes came from Romania then…

  4. cristina

    11. January 2011. at 06:51

    Luminita is briliant. All the girs are wonderful. They all need our love and support to achieve wonderful things! Simply the BEST! And they are ours!

  5. Marina

    10. January 2011. at 23:15

    Bravo Luminita!!! Esti cea mai tare portarita din lume!

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