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France won Bercy!

Game on the level of some medals battle in the big events was seen in the final of the traditional tournament in Paris Bercy, between France and Croatia 28:27 (13:14). Croatia was in lead in the most of the match, but French players took advantage in last few minutes. Ivano Balic missed a chance to score for a draw in the last attack.

France: Omeyer 18 saves, Karabatić 3/7, Joli (2)/3, Busqet 2/3, Gille 2/4, Acambray 0/4, Dinart 1/1, J.Fernandez 7(4)/11, Honrubia 5(2)/7, Barachet 2/3, Bigo 0/1, Sorando 1/1, Abalo 3/4.
Croatia: Alilović 14 saves, Pešić two 7m, Matulić 1/1, Balić 2/9, Vuković 0/1, Štrlek 5(2)/5, Duvnjak 1/9, Vori 1/2, Kopljar 3/5, Lacković 6/8, Buntić 0/1, Valčić 1/2, Zrnić 6(1)/8, Ninčević 1/1.

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