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Mattias Andersson is active again!

The 42-years old retired Swedish goalkeeper Mattias Andersson will again be active in THW Kiel jersey after injury of Niklas Landin.

“Due to the different Corona regulations in the competition, communication with external trainers is extremely extreme,” said THW business manager Viktor Szilagyi. “We want to have the best possible support for our support. Mattias will be able to start the Bundesliga start and return to the bank on his loan.” Mattias Andersson works as a player and in the coming weeks also actively as goalkeeper’s coach. Szilagyi: “In these times, when you always include a possible Covid19 quarantine in the planning, that gives us additional security and flexibility.”

“For Dario Quenstedt and Philipp Saggau, the Austausch was a huge partner with a lot of parties,” said the 42-year-old Swedish Andersson.

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