Mauritius hosts U17 Beach Handball World’s Championship

Starting from June 11 till next Sunday, sandy beaches on the West side of the coast of Mauritius will host best world’s Beach Handball national teams U17 that will participate on first young category IHF World Championship.

            Besides competing for trophy and medals, the main objective for most of 30 teams (in both gender) will be to obtain qualification place for participation on Youth Olympic Games that will be held next autumn in Buenos Aires.

            From the playing list of the first two days below you will find some of the interesting results: (boys) POR – ITA 0:2 (18:20, 22:27); ESP – ARG 2:1 (25:17, 13:15; 4:9); VEN – RUS 2:1 (15:17, 15:12, 7:4); (girls) HUN – CRO 2:1 (9:13, 10:6, 5:4); ESP – POR 2:1 (17:18, 23:20, 4:7).

            Continental champions are Brasil and Argentina (Panamerica), Spain and Netherlands (Europe), Pakistan and Thailand (Asia), while American Samoa and Australia are best representatives of Oceania.

            For those that are interested to watch matches via live stream, we can recommend to follow „U17 Beach Handball World Championship 2017“ on

Photo credit: Stephane Pillaud / IHF 


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