Measure for Egypt 2021: PCR tests every 72 hours, facemasks and 25-30% fans in the halls

Chairman of the 2021 IHF Men’s World Championship Medical Commission, Dr. Hazem Khamis has explained the strong preparations set for the first major teams’ event to be held since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the 27th IHF Men’s Handball World Championship, Egypt 2021, in an interview for the official website.

“Egypt, as a state represented by Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly as the Chairman of the Supreme Organising Committee, has the know-how to organise such a major and big championship that will witness the participation of 32 teams for the first time in the history of the World Championship. Our main target is to keep all the championship’s participants away from contacting coronavirus, so since the formation of our medical committee we called and invited officials from the Egyptian Health Ministry to join the committee and they are responsible of enforcing the preventive measures on ground. And we also join in representatives from Wadi El-Nile hospital, the event’s health sponsor,” , said Khamis and added:

“It’s not our own preventive measures as the entire world are following these instructions. Participants arriving in Egypt for the world championship will undergo PCR tests before their arrival by 48 hours. They will also follow the preventive measures while their trip to Cairo inside the planes, airports and buses that will transport them to the hotels. All preventive measures will start from the minute they arrive in Egypt until the last minute they leave the country,”

“We will apply the bubble theory as anyone who is in direct contact with the players, referees, coaches, assistants or the medical crews will undergo PCR tests every 72 hours and this measure will be applied to all the participants in the tournament,” Khamis announced.

“We have allocated places in hotels where the teams stay as well as places for the quarantine in case there are any infected cases,”

“All people attending in the playing halls will wear facemasks except the players during the game and the training sessions ahead of the games,”

Egypt will host the international prestigious tournament from 13 to 31 January 2021.

“All participants should know that there will not be any indulgence with the medical preventive measures because all eyes will be focused on the World Championship that will take place in Egypt since the start of the draw on 5 September,” Khamis added.

Preparations for the Draw Ceremony

Dr. Khamis has confirmed Egypt’s readiness for the draw of the 27th IHF Men’s Handball World Championship scheduled to take place on 5 September at the Giza Pyramids Plateau.

“The delegations coming from outside Egypt will stay in a hotel nearby the location of the event as we will hold a press conference to review the works of medical committee to reassure all participants with the preventive measures,”

“Only 200 persons are allowed to attend the Draw Ceremony as we divided them into groups including the public figures, invited guests and journalists while each group will enter the hall from a separate gate to ensure the social distance,”

“We conditioned strict measures during the entrance and departure, especially the departure as people always forget the measures after the end of the event,”

“We will make sure that all attendees wear facemasks except the spokesperson who will deliver his speech on the stage,”

Preparations for the fans’ attendance

The President of the IHF Supreme Medical Committee revealed that the committee will allow only 25% to 30% of fans to attend the games in the halls while keeping on the social distance.

“The social distance between the attendees will be two meters as we will revise these percentage according to the number of infected people but all attendances will wear facemasks since no food or drinks will be allowed in the halls,”

“We will also follow the social distance measures while the fans entrance and exit from the stadiums according to the international instructions,” Khamis said.

“We have signed contracts with two nearby hospitals to each stadium with only a 28- minute drive by the ambulance.  We have also prepared all necessary medical equipment needed inside the halls including 12 ambulances, in addition to installing medical check points inside the terraces,”

“The Egyptian people are sure supporting the tournament. Well, showing support is to follow the preventive measures that were published by the Health Ministry and the medical committee. Egypt’s political leaders and people reserve to be in the best standing.”, Khamis concluded.

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