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Mehmedović: “For us fighting is everything”

Majda Mehmedović looked happy on the mixed zone after the hard fought victory against Serbia last night. After a tough clash against Balkan neighbours Serbia, the Montenegrin left wing spoke about the match and the team’s fighting spirit.

It was a really hard game, especially because we had a three day rest from handball and it was hard to wake up in the beginning, but I think in the end we played like we know. It was a hard game from the first moment until the last one because we really know each other very well and most of us have played together, but I’m really happy and satisfied that we won”, expressed the CSM Bucuresti’s player.

Chances for a semifinal place are still alive for the Montenegrin squad, but Mehmedović doesn’t want to hurry as she knows she depends on a Serbian victory over the hosts: It would be really nice if it happened, in one way it’s really hard, but who knows? We lost to Russia by one, so maybe it can happen to France also, but I don’t know, I’m really satisfied when I look at this championship, the way in which we played and we fougth in every match”.

Regarding the upcoming match against Denmark, the talented left wing stated: I’m looking forward to the match against Denmark, I hope that we will win, that would be good for us. I really expect a tough match. I watched Denmark, how they play, and I really respect them, I think against Russia it was their worst match, but in general they play really good and I respect all the players”.

When asked about what are the things that characterize the Montenegrin team, besides their fighting spirit, she really struggled to find an answer and confessed: For us fighting is everything, so we need to fight. Is not that we have a really long bench but this is how we play”.

“I believe in this team”

Centre back Andrea Lekić was on the opposite side of happiness. Bent down, with arms resting on the mixed zone board, she talked about her impressions of the match: “I think we allowed Milena (Raicevic) to score really easy in the middle, we didn’t defend so well there, like we did on the first half, so I think that’s the main reason why we lost the match. Also the injury of Katarina Tomasevic didn’t look good and I think she was in the right mood in the match, but unfortunately she injured her knee and maybe it was also hard to play after that, we tried to play for her and we didn’t succeed; but you know, it was hard to defend, 50 seconds in defense, I think they had a really long attack today and we are dissappointed and sad”.

Despite the dissappointment for the loss, the Serbian star looks forward to a promising future for her team: “I think we upgraded our game (compared to that of Germany 2017); I think we didn’t show a good performance against Russia, it was a poor performance, the poorest on this tournament, compared to all of the others. I think we were fighting on an equal level with great teams and I think we have a future, we have lots of young players behind us who are coming. It’s hard to think clear right now, but I believe in this team, that’s all I can say right now”.

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