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MESSAGE FOR FRANCE? Powerful Sweden smash Belarus!

What a performance by Swedish team! It was clear that guys led by Kristjan Andresson were clear favorites in clash with East-European team after everything what has been seen in Preliminary Round, but nobody could expect that battle will be over after only 10 minutes in which Scandinavian team made 10:5 start!

Gottfridsson (8), Ekberg (7) and Co. scored 24 goals for the first 30 minutes to make nightmare for Yuriy Shevtsov side which put them on one-way road home. Except fantastic line-player Artem Karalek (8), Belarussian had no other option to attack excellent Swedish defense – 41:22 (24:11).

Sweden will meet France on Tuesday at quarter-final clash in Lille (19.00) 


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