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EHF Secretary General, Michael Wiederer: “Rest Day for a better Final”

Secretary General of European Handball Federation, Michael Wiederer, visited Serbian capital, Belgrade, where he took part at the “Workshop” about final weekend in Belgrade Arena and meet with the members of Organizing Committee EHF EURO 2012.

– It is always pleasure to be in Belgrade. This time, we are here for our “Workshop” with the main topic “Belgrade Arena”. We are aware that we start from the end, final weekend, but “Belgrade Arena” gives a lot of possibilities to this competition. When you have a lot of possibilities, then you have to organize and prepare everything on time. We also discuss about the Draw, which will be held on June 15. Third part of this visit was dedicated to different questions and meeting with the members of Organizing Committee.

Secretary General of Serbian handball Federation, Bozidar Djurkovic:

– With official marketing agency INFRONT, we prepared everything connected with the Main phase of the EHF EURO 2012. We had several meetings together about many things. Also, we presented part of the teams for ticketing service, security, media, voluntaries, etc. Next meeting will be at 18 and 19 May. I am very satisfied with this visit of mister Wiederer and his team.  A lot of job is still in front of us,  but I am sure that we will make everything on time. Draw for the EHF EURO 2012 will be held on June 15 in “BelExpo Center” in Belgrade with 250 special guests. Practically, since than beginning real job…

Secretary General of EHF, Michael Wiederer made a closer explanation of decision of extension the EHF EURO 2012 for two days…

– If you look at the past, you will see that European Champioships are longer and longer with more rest days for the players. One point of discussion between EHF and different interesting groups, players, teams, Leagues was how to see the players at EHF EURO events in their best form?  We saw experience of the last World Championship in Sweden, where final game was very good, after the players had rest day between semifinal and the final. For the TOP players, playing without rest day isn’t enough, expecially when we know that semifinals are “crucial matches”. So, we decided to extend competition. With Organizing Committee, with whom we had very good cooperation, we already made agreement, how to deal with that. That is irreversible process for future events…


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