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The Lowen-Fans go against Nielsen!

The Rhein-Neckar Lowen fans have publicly expressed their concern and have criticized the board chairman Jesper Nielsen, about his plans to transfer most of the players to AG Copenhagen next season. According to the informations, Valur Sigurdsson, Olafur Stefansson, Robert Gunarsson, and the two Polish players Bielecki and Lijewski are supposed to go to AG Copenhagen from next season.

This was met with fury by the fans, which in public letter have condemned his plans, and have asked him to think about the handball in general, not only about the club to which he is more connected, AG Copenhagen. They have also outlined that finally the third-placed in Bundesliga have gathered a squad capable of beating Hamburg and THW Kiel, and now that they are more cohesive, the next season could be real possibility for the club to try to win the domestic and perhaps the European championship too.


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1 Comment

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