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Momir Rnic and Darko Stanic to Frisch Auf Goppingen

Bundesliga FA Goppingen’s coach, Velimir Petkovic, strongly believes in the players from Balkan.  Traditional German team signed three seasons contract with Momir Rnic (24), left back from Slovenian Celje and member of Serbian squad at WC 2011 in Sweden.  The best scorer of Celje PL in this edition of the EHF Champions League was disappointed with situation in the team as many other players, who leaved Celje after Zvonimir Noka Serdarusic decided to resign. Before Celje PL, Rnic spent two years in Gorenje Velenje, won Champions title (2009) and played in EHF Cup Final same season. His international career started in 2008, when he leaved Proleter Zrenjanin, his first proffesional team.

Also, situation with Serbian goalkeeper from Slovenian Cimos Koper, Darko Stanic (32) is much more clear, but still is a question of transfer fee between the clubs.  Slovenian “NO.1”, Goražd Škof coming to Koper from C.O Zagreb and it is expected that Stanic find a new proffesional challenge.  He agreed to move to Goppingen and teams have to find a solution in the next days…

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