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MIRACLE IN KRAKOW: Germany at the Top of Europe!

The European champions coming from Germany! Something what was „mission impossible“ in the last two Olympic cycles became present made by hands of Dagur Sigurdsson and his guys! Germany trashed Spain 24:17 (9:6) in the big final at Tauron Arena in Krakow. About 14.000 fans enjoyed one of the historical matches by the German team, who won the second European gold medal, but the most important, first medal since World Championship 2007 on home soil.

The heroes were amazing defensive line 6-0 and goalkeeper Andreas Wolff, who showed TOP class which forced Kiel to offer him contract.

The last chance of Spain to made something has been seen in 6th minute, when Rivera netted goal for 2:1. Everything what followed until the end of the clash was the „cat and mouse“ game. Šterbik was on the level of Wolff, but his defense could compete while Hafner and other guys had great shooting performance.

Spain scored only six goals in the first half, but efficiency didn’t change in the second 30 minutes. Wolff (16 saves) stayed on the top of the situations, Spanish defense became even weaker (14:8), so the match was over 15 minutes before the final whistle.

Kai Hafner netted seven goals for the winners, Raul Gonzales scored five for Spain.

Germany also won the Olympic VISA!



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