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Sigurdsson about golden match: Good defense and brilliant goalkeeper!

Germany is celebrating the first gold medal after 9 years! With the arrival of Dagur Sigurdsson everything changed in German national team. After 18 months of work, Wolff and team-mates made the same success of generation of Kretzschmar, Schwarzer, etc…

– We are very happy because we have been playing a good handball for 18 months. You have to hit the right wave on this kind of tournaments. Since defeat against Spain at the beginning we raised our performance. We played amazingly today, with good defense and brilliant goalkeeper Wolff – said Dagur Sigurdsson after the golden match.

Spanish coach Manolo Cadenas was frustrated after poor performance of his team in the battle for the first EURO gold:

– It is too hard to give tonight a value for the silver medal. Germany played very good. For us it was impossible to be in the match. Their defense was fantastic, we scored only six goals in first 30 minutes. My players fought in second half, but it was impossible to get back in the match. They improved a lot since our first match.

Kai Hafner, surprising German match winner:

– It was a big fight for us. We had perfect defense, unbeliavable goalkeeper, who had 50% of saves. We enjoy a moment.

Despite the title of MVP, Raul Entrerrios, couldn’t be satisfied after the final:

– It is a hard day for us. We lost gold medal. We began bad, we didn’t find a way to win. It is tough, but at least we have silver.

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