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MKB Veszprem win 20th Cup title!

Maybe they have problem to find their way to the EHF Champions League semifinal, but in Hungary, MKB Vezsprem improving domination. In the Hungarian Cup Final last weekend, team coached by Lajos Mocsai beated PLER KC 37:19 (18:8). That was 20th Cup title for the most successful Hungarian team.

Veszprém: PERICS – Iváncsik T. 2, SULIC 4, Laluska 2, LUSNYIKOV, Terzic 4, Korazija 5. Cs: FAZEKAS (kapus), Vilovszki 4, Gulyás 2, CSÁSZÁR G. 4, VUJIN 5, NAGY K. 5.
PLER: IGLESIAS – Szalafai 4, Marczinkó, Kocsi 4, Bak 1, Lendvay 1, Gazdag 2 (2). Cs: Székely (kapus), Debreczeni 1, Kupi, Rév 1, Pálos, PÁL 4, Jakub 1.

Third place won Tatabanya over AXA Váci KS-Taxi 2000 29:25.

In Hungary, still has Play-Off to be played. MKB Veszprem is absolutely favorite NO.1 in front of Pick Szeged and FTC.

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