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Momir Ilic for HP: “I am staying in Kiel”

One of the best players in European handball in the last few years, Serbian left back, Momir Ilic (30) will stay in THW Kiel, even he was connected with Rhein Neckar Lowen in last few weeks. He was ready to left the Baltic, because of less time on the court in comparation with season before, but at the end, one of the best Bundesliga scorers will stay “Zebra” in next season:

– I am staying in Kiel. That is definitive. I had a wish to change a team, but after talks with a coach, I decided to stay. I have contract with “Zebras” on two more years and probably I will stay until the end.

You wanted to play more?

– Absolutely.  That is the main reason why I wanted to change team. Situation is changed in last month and a half. I played more.  My goals was to find a team, where I will play more and with whom, I will have chance to fight for the trophies. We will stay with the same roster, so, we have big chances to fix everything what we didn’t achieve this season.

Where was the problem of Kiel this season? Injuries or…

-Not just injuries, our bad form.  We played bad some very important matches. We were not well prepared, made some tactical mistakes.  HSV deserved Bundesliga title. Barcelona was better. We had chance to win fist game in Barcelona, but we didn’t. In the secon match, they were better. At the end, they won Champions League.

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