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Momir Ilić is SEHA GAZPROM League 2015/2016 MVP

Coaches and players of SEHA Gazprom League have chosen MVM Veszprem’ left back Momir Ilić as MVP of the regular part of the season. After last season’ title and becoming Champions League’ best scorer for two years in a row, Serbian national team player will receive another award.

Veselin Vujovic (PPD Zagreb) was elected as best coach of the SEHA-Gazprom League of his colleagues and players.

Each three Veszprem and Vardar players top the lists for their positions and each one player of Zagreb and Brest – so all top stars will be part of the Final4 in Varazdin this weekend.


1. Arpad Šterbik (Vardar) 69 points

2. Roland Mikler (MVM Veszprem) 44 points

3. Filip Ivić (PPD Zagreb) 27 points

Right back:

1. Laszlo Nagy (MVM Veszprem) 70 points

2. Dainis Kristopans (Meshkov) 41 points

3. Alex Dujshebaev (Vardar) 28 points

Centre back:

1. Chema Rodriguez (MVM Veszprem) 43 points

2. Igor Karačić (Vardar) 34 points

3. Aron Palmarsson (MVM Veszprem) 30 points

Right wing:

1. Zlatko Horvat (PPD Zagreb) 68 points

2. Gašper Marguč (MVM Veszprem) 62 points

3. Danil Shishkarev (Vardar) 26 points


1. Rastko Stojković (Meshkov) 53 points

2. Andreas Nilsson (Veszprem) 43 points

3. Alem Toskić (Vardar) 32 points

Left back:

1. Momir Ilić (MVM Veszprem) 88 points MVP

2. Sergey Gorbok (Vardar) 32 points

3. Ivan Slišković (MVM Veszprem) 20 points

Left wing:

1. Timur Dibirov (Vardar) 63 points

2. Radoslav Antl (Tatran) 35 points

3. Christian Ugalde (MVM Veszprem) 23 points


1. Ilija Abutović (Vardar) 36 points

2. Timuszin Schuch (MVM Veszprem) 28 points

3. Mirsad Terzić (MVM Veszprem) 23 points


1. Veselin Vujović (PPD Zagreb) 61 points

2. Raul Gonzales (Vardar) 48 points

3. Xavi Sabate (MVM Veszprem) 35 points

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