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Nandor Fazekas (MKB Veszprem): “The referees were against us”

In a talk with, MKB Veszprem’s goalkeeper Nandor Fazekas spoke openly about how he felt the refereeing was in the game against THW Kiel.

– At the moment I really feel and think that the referees were against us. In the important moments of the match they blew against our team. If the rewatching of the game show the opposite, I will withdraw my opinion, but I don’t think it’ll happen.




  1. JustAFan

    28. April 2013. at 23:23

    Fan videocut about wrong decisions:

  2. Mary

    28. April 2013. at 20:04

    Hello there, I would rella like to know if you rewatched the match.

    Yes I’m THW Kiel fan and yes I’m german but i actually am quite on the neutral side when it comes to referee decisions.

    In my opinion there was no advantage for Kiel because of the referees. If you really whatched you could actually see that for example Chema Rodriguez did too many steps really often, they have never seen it. Also there should have been quite more 2minute penalties for Vezprem, but thats always quite tricky to decide. There was also a 2minute penalty for Ahlm that just wasn’t one. But that happens. There was no advantage for Kiel in the penalty side of the game.

    So please tell me where you see that the referees where against Vezprem.

    I don’t like it how some Vezprem Fans are really rude especially on the THW Facebook page, it’s just not nice. Yes they’re angry cause Vezprem has lost but no one should be so insulting.

    And I’m not saying that you were. It’s just not nice to see something like that 🙁

    I will watch the game again, too. Just in case.

    I hope to receive an answer soon 🙂 and hopefully you could understand everything what I ment. It’s always harder to explain Handball and to discuss decisions in english 🙂

    Kind regards


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