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Nenad Kljajic no longer C.O. Zagreb coach!

The bickering between C.O. Zagreb coach Nenad Kljajic and the coach of the Croatian National team, Slavko Goluza, got its epilogue. The decision of C.O. Zagreb is that they fire Nenad Kljajic, and as a reason is the coach license, that Kljajic does not possess. However, the background of this decision, could be anticipated even at the media press conference of Goluza, when he was responding to the attacks about the national team’s weak play. The person with most influence in the Croatian handball, Zoran Gobac, was also present at the conference, and openly sided with Goluza.

Only the return in the homeland was awaited, to be announced what many already knew in Malmo. The board for emergency questions, headed by Gobac, decided to look for replacement for Kljajic. In the following few days, a new coach will be announced that will take the team in the next Champions League challenges. As candidates are mentioned, Zdravko Zovko, Ivica Obrvan, Silvio Ivandija and the coach Slavko Goluza.

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