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French “golden master”, Claude Onesta: “We will play much more finals in future”

Ulrik Wilbek, Danish coach: We played a fantastic tournament, and we had no defeat in normal playing time. We lost a final against the best team of the world and we proved we are on the same level as France. We were unlucky in the beginning when pour left handed player Kasper Söndergaard was injured. But we came back every time and equalized the French lead often. We are very close to France. If we would have led in the 60 first minutes it might be in a different way. France has the more experienced team – but I hope that both teams meet in more finals in future. We are proud of a fantastic tournament.

Anders Eggert, Danish player: We are very disappointed at the moment, but we will realize that we played a great tournament – and we will be back in future.

Claude Onesta, French coach: This title means a great satisfaction to me – but I have to thank the Danish team and the Danish coach. They pushed us to the limit. I think this was a great handball game, both teams performed in a high quality. And I agree to Ulrik Wilbek: We will play much more finals in future.

Cedric Sorhaindo, French player: It was a great and difficult game for us. Denmark forced us to play our best. And to be honest, we had more luck than the Danes.

Arnaud Bingo, French player: Two great teams met in a great final. Denmark could also have won the game, but fortunately it was us. The quality of the game was really high.

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