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New Święta Wojna: Vive Kielce and Wisla Plock meet in Polish league finals!

In the third match of the Play-off semi-final Vive Targi Kielce won over Azoty Puławy 25:23 and thus, since Kielce won also two previous matches, they have qualified to the final. The results of those two first matches let everybody think though that defending champions would not have any problems in the next one. If the two games in Kielce were not exciting whatsoever, then it may be said that this game made up for it entirely. First minutes did not foreshadow such course of events. Kielce gained a small advantage but a couple of minutes before halftime hosts began to catch up with them. As a result, Vive ended up the first half leading by only one goal. In the second half Kielce’s actions did not improve and the team was doing terribly. Puławy’s goalkeepers Maciej Stęczniewski and Rafał Grzybowski were saving ball after ball and sometimes Polish Champions could not find a way to score. Around 40. minute hosts were leading by 2 goals; Kielce did not let this advantage grow any more but the result was within bounds of a draw almost to the end. In the last minutes Kielce managed to gain 2 goal advantage and eventually won. The whole match was unexpectedly quite nervous; it took effect not only in number of mistakes but also in number of penalties – firstly it was Uroš Zorman who got a yellow card for discussion with referees. After a while Denis Buntić was punished with a red one for the same reason. Despite the victory, it may be said that it was one of the worst, if not the worst, Kielce’s match of the current season, especially when it comes to the attack. The top scorer for Kielce was Ivan Čupić (12).

Wisla Plock beat Kwidzyn 30:22, and advance to the finals with 3:0 score.

TEXT: Martyna Usnarska

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1 Comment

  1. Maciek

    12. May 2013. at 12:00

    The whole article about Vive and only the last sentence about Wisła. Oh yes, this is it ;).

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