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Nikola Karabatic about comparasion with Neymar: “He has to win something first”

Handball has lost the battle with football in Madrid, when only the third part of money spent for David Villa transfer from Barca to Atletico Madrid, handball team (BM Atletico Madrid) couldn’t find to survive (1.7 mil EURO), but only a few sentences of Nikola Karabatic at the first day of F.C Barcelona Intersport preparation for the upcoming season, gave some satisfaction for the people who have handball in the blood. Two time Olympic and World Champion, also EHF CL winner, Nikola Karabatic was asked to answer on comparison with Brazilian star, Pablo Neymar, who signed contract with the football team this summer. French star with Balkan origin answered with a smile:

– “I’m flattered that I compare with Neymar, but I think that I won some titles – said Karabatic and added:

– He has to win one or two World Cups and the we will talk – he replied with a smile.

source: marca.com


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