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Nikola Karabatic & co. charged for illegal betting and match fixing

Nikola Karabatic showed up in front of the court in Montpellier, where he is being charged for illegal betting and match fixing. It is unknown whether he will be able to pay caution to be set free while the process is going on. If convicted, he can be jailed to a maximum of five years. His brother Luka Karabatic is charged as well for the match fixing in the match Cesson Rennes – Montpellier (31:28). The Serb Mladen Bojinovic is also charged, but can be defending himself from freedom if he pays 11.000 EUR caution. A total of 17 charges have been made against players and collaborators, including Luka’s girlfriend, Jenny Pries.

The lawyers of the players will be defending the players on the ground that the players have been betting, but never fixing a match. It’s an interesting fact that Nikola Karabatic did not even play the game Cesson – Montpellier because of an injury.

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