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Poland Superleague: Surprise really close! Wisla won against Piotrkow

PGNiG Superleague Polish runner scared Wisla. Piotrkowianin even in the 40th minute leading in match with Wisla Plock, and only at the end guests exaggerated victory.

Piotrkowianin from the beggining played without respect for the better rival. In the first five minutes was 4:1, after fifteen 13:7 for the home team! Wisla had big problems and after 30 minutes and was 20:18 for Piotrkowianin.

The second half of the Polish runners started from three goals for Wisla and this team took the first lead 21:20. But not for long time. Than Piotrkowianin shoot three goals and It was 23:21. After that Marin Sego started to play perfectly. Wisla goalkeeper defended two penalties and a lot of dangerous throws Piotrkow players. His colleagues regained effectiveness and ultimately won in Piotrków five goals difference. At the end Wisla won with Piotrkow 35:30.

Piotrkowianin Piotrkow Trybunalski – Wisla Plock 30:35 (20:18)

Piotrkowianin: Ner, Wnuk – Mróz 4, Daćko 4, Tórz 3, Miszka 2, Woynowski 1, Trojanowski 3, Różański, P. Matyjasik 4 (1), Skalski, Iskra 2, Pilitowski 7, Pożarek, Krawczyk, Gomółka
Wisla: Śego, Wichary – Eklemović 2, Spanne, Wiśniewski 6, Kubisztal 2, Kavaś 1, Ghionea 5 (3), Zołoteńko, Twardo 4, Toromanović 6, Syprzak 1, Paczkowski 2, Nenadić 4 (1), Nikcević 2, Ilyes
Suspends: Piotrkowianin – 8 min, Wisla – 8min

TEXT: Wojciech Wisniewski



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