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Norway-Montenegro in the final of the women’s tournament!

NORWAY – KOREA 31:25 (18:15)

The first semifinal brought us Norway as the first team to reach the final. The Scandinavian girls were better than Korea with 31:25, in a game in which Norway had the lead thoroughout the whole game with Korea only few times making it down to 1 goal, but were unable to produce a better performance. The game was decided in the 45th minute when Norway made it 25:19 through Loke, and from that point on the Korean girls had no power to make the game more intersting til the end, so the final result stood at 31:25 for Norway. Loke scored 8 goals, while Lunde contributed with 6. For Korea, Gwon scored 7, while Choi and Jung each had 4 goals.

SPAIN – MONTENEGRO 26:27 (13:13)

The more interesting semifinal today saw a tight game between Spain and Montenegro. Montenegro are here after beating the biggest favorite France, while Spain went past Croatia for this semifinal game. In the first half neither team could make any significant goal difference and goal-for-goal was played thoroughout the half, and the teams went with 13:13 at half time. Same continued in the first part of the second half, until the 46th minute, when the Montenegrin girls made a big 5-0 run, and the score was 24:19 in the 52nd minute, Bulatovic scoring two of those goals. The Spanish couldn’t make up for this big run, even though in the end they got to 1 goal differencce, but it was too late, and Montenegro is the second finalist.  Bulatovic scored 9 goals, Popovic scored 6 for Montenegro, while Alberto scored 6 goals for Spain and Fernandez and Pinedo 5 each.

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