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NORWEGIAN IN-OUT IN MANNHEIM: Reinkind “language help” from Myrhol

Rhein Neckar Lowen can’t be succesful without Norwegian players or Norge guys know where they can fight for the trophies. You choose! One of the most perspective lefthanders in Europe, Harald Reinkind (21,he was nominated for the World Young Best Player 2014) is presented as a new “Lion” on the start of preparation for upcoming season under new coach – Nikolaj Jakobsen. Reinkind showed his potential during Men’s EHF EURO 2014 in Denmark last winter, when deal with the Germans was made. His biggest problem at the start of German life will be, of course, language, but his compatriot Bjarte Myrhol will help him as in other things necessary for a start in Heidelberg.

– I want to improve my level in “Lions’ t-shirt. I can learn a lot from my colleague Alexander Petersson – said Reinkind.

The first Rhein Neckar Lowen’s line-player, Bjarte Myrhol announced that he will leave RNL and German handball. He came to Bundesliga from Hungarian Veszprem in 2006, and after three seasons in HSG Nordhorn, he began the best part of career in Mannheim in 2009.

The biggest reason for decision to leave Germany is to come closer to his parents, as he will become father for the second time…

PHOTO: Rhein Neckar Lowen



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