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Oltchim no longer Ramnicu Valcea sponsor

The current sponsor of Ramnicu Valcea, Oltchim, has announced that they will no longer be sponsoring the club in future, and that the effect is immediate, starting 31st of march. This unexpected decision was announced by the Oltchim director, Constantin Roibu, on today’s interview for ProSport. This leaves the club in possible financial trouble, and might cause many of the top-players to leave the club if a sufficient sponsor is not found in near future.



  1. Totem

    8. April 2011. at 10:03

    Well, the manager of Oltchim changed his mind! Again! He wants to continue financing the team!Oltchim’s show goes on: first they hire Anja, then they fired her, first they say no more financing, then they say they’ll finance again… Stay tuned, the comedy continues!

  2. Totem

    5. April 2011. at 07:59

    Ha ha ha, they pay for what they did to Anja Andersen. After she left, everything started to disintegrate, to fall apart! Sweet revenge for Anja!Waiting for you to come back, Anja! 🙂

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