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Romanian teams AGAINST 14 days isolation before Cup Final4

It’s always interesting in Romanian handball. Most of the teams who should participate at upcoming national Cup Final4 events in August re-scheduled after the season 2019/2020 ended in March, didn’t accepted proposal of Federation to get into quarantine for 14 days before the matches!

The first proposal, the dates of 15/16 August (male), 20-23 August (female) were advanced. A medical protocol was also sent which should have been followed, and many groups agreed in principle.

The new dates proposed for the tournaments are August 22-23 for men and August 27-30 for women.

  • The teams will be isolated / cantoned at least 14 days before the start of the tournament. At the isolation date, each person in the team must have the result of the RT-PCR test performed a maximum of 48 hours before ”.

Dinamo Bucharest, CSM Bacau and Poli Timisoara rejected the proposal. while Dobrogea Sud had less strict opinion as they should play first matches in EHF European League at the end of August against Russian Victor. In women’s handball, the general opinion is against this protocol.

“First of all, let’s see what it means to be 14 days in financial isolation. Then, let’s look through the eyes of the athletes. There are many girls who were in isolation for 14 days before preparations began. Did the training start, were there 10 days in the camp, and now should we put them back in isolation for 14 days? For what? When we were first introduced to the program, the 14 days of isolation were not mentioned, we agreed to play. Everyone agreed with the tournament, we stay in the camp for a few days during the competition, it’s OK. But staying in solitary confinement for another 14 days is too much. And after a game you can lose and go home. Maybe not us, but let’s think about Slatina. Why would he stay in isolation for 14 days, just to play a match with CSM Bucharest?“, said Florin Verigeanu, president of the SCM Rm. Vâlcea handball team, writes

Romanian Handball Federation president Alexander Dedu proposed “NBA system” for the season 2020/2021.

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