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Olympics Women: Norway and Spain in the semi-finals!!

NORWAY – BRAZIL 21:19 (9:13)   – Grimsbo brilliant on Norway’s goal in the second half

Brazil started the game perfectly, already making 8:4 after the first 10 minutes of the game. Norway really seemed
harmless, and at one point in the first half Brazil even made it to 13:8 in the 24th minute, the highest lead so far.
The last six minutes saw only one goal, Norway scoring through Breivang for a half time score of 13:9 for Brazil.
Second half, and Brazil started again furiously, making it 15:9 in the 34th minute, the highest lead of the game
for Brazil with goals through Nascimento and Moura. It all seemed like a dream for Brazil to beat perhaps the
strongest European squad, but it was from the 35th minute onward that things began to break. Norway found their play
and with some good shots and fast-break goals the Scandinavians got to a draw in the 52nd minute, 18:18. Brazil’s attack
seemed to do everything they could, but Norway had perhaps their man of the match on the goal – Kari Aalvik Grimsbo.
Goals through Herrem and Breivang – and Norway had 21:19 in the 57th – a result which remained til the end. Koren scored
5 goals for Norway, while Breivang contributed with 4. Brazil had Nascimento with 5, and Diniz and Cavaleiro with 3 each.

SPAIN – CROATIA 25:22 (13:12)   – Penezic gets injured, Spain takes advantage, Pinedo unstoppable

The second quarter-final game today was a very even play, with the main event being Penezic‘s injury in 40th minute
after which Croatia had a major setback in their play. The game started with goal-for-goal play, neither team making
any bigger goal difference, with Spain going on the break with 1 goal lead. It kept on like that until the 40th minute,
when Andrea Penezic got ankle-injury which unabled her to continue playing, and the Spanish team used that in their
favor. With three goals from Pinedo from the left wing and fast break, the Spanish girls got 19-16 lead, and from that
point on, Spain kept the lead and had the highest lead in the 57th minute, 24-20, a goal through Fernandez. A small 2-0
run gave Croatia slight hope, but with Fernandez goal in the 60th minute the hope was gone, and the game ended with 25:22.
Tatari scored 5 goals for Croatia, while Pinedo led the Spanish team with 7 goals.

Norway will be playing against the winner of the Russia-Korea matchup, while Spain is waiting for the winner of the France-Montenegro tie.

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