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Pascual VS Dujshebaev: Pressure?

Two great Spanish coaches Xavi Pascual and Talant Dujshebaev will clash tonight when Poland will try to make future brighter in Romanian city of Cluj (20 hrs) after shocking defeat over Serbia 32:37 at home. Talant Dujshebaev had a very original answer on question about the pressure of winning in away match:

– Pressure? Why to be worry about the pressure? The pressure people feel in Senegal or where there is war. The pressure is the one who wants to swim across the sea to Europe to live, and it can be eaten by sharks. This is the pressure. For me it’s no pressure. When we won fourth place in Rio, I was with them. And when we lose, I am also with them. What is pressure? The key is to stand up like a man and fight on. We’re going to Romania and from there we want to bring two points. It is positive pressure. I have to be afraid to lose in Romania? So what? There will be the next day. Sure it will – said Dujshebaev.


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