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Pick Szeged and David Davis – no deal for upcoming season!

The story about Pick Szeged and appointment of their new coach for the upcoming season became a telenovela.

Hungarian NemzetiSport published story that Hungarian champions didn’t agree with Spanish coach David Davis to overtake headcoach position only for the season 2023/2024.

It looks that solution for replacement of Juan Carlos Pastor, who is leaving after 10 years in direction Egypt, could be find in domestic school where worked U21 coaches Kristian Karpati and Serbian Vladan Jordovic.

They should lead the team in the next season, while since 2024/2025 coach will be Swedish Michael Apelgren.



  1. Editor

    9. May 2023. at 12:06

    Source is mentioned in article, take a closer look.

  2. Anonymous

    6. May 2023. at 08:27

    How do you get this information? It would be fair to mention the sources… Please try to be correct.


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