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Poland playoffs: Vive Kielce humiliates Azoty Pulawy, wins by 28 goals

In the first semi-final match against Azoty Puławy, Vive Targi Kielce flew up for the win. Literally, because it was the wingers played leading roles in this clear victory. Beginning of the game certainly can not be described as “spectacular”. Players from Puławy lost the ball again and again, unable to work out good position to throw. On the other hand “Iskra’s” players had big problems with efficacy, but they were saving by the flawless counterattacks. The entire first half belonged to two Croatians who successfully discouraged opponents to play. After thirty minutes Ivan Cupić has 11 and Manuel Strlek 6 goals, with overall result 22:7. In the second part, Polish champions have changed the entire “starting seven”, so that each player could play in this game. Also in the second formation wingers were the brightest points of Bogdan Wenta’s team. Worth praising is also a game of Rastko Stojković, who scored nine goals in whole game. Effective goals may compensate for lack of emotion in the match, decidedly win 49:21. Next game will be played tomorow.

Vive Targi Kielce – Azoty Puławy 49:21 (22:7)

VTK: Szmal, Losert – Buntić 1, Tomczak 8, Olafsson 5, Jurecki, Rosiński, Tkaczyk 4, Zorman 1, Stojković 9, Musa, Bielecki 1, Lijewski 2, Strlek 6, Cupić 11
Azoty: Grzybowski, Stęczniewski, Sokołowski – Kus, Szyba 2, Grzelak, Bałwas 1, Ćwikliński 2, Krajewski 4, Jankowski 3, Sobol 1, Przybylski 6, Barzenkov 2.”

TEXT: Ida Baran

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