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Poland (Round 13): Wisla Plock beat Stal Mielec for 13th straight win

Quite tough game got on Saturday evening Wisla Plock. In the last game in 2012 Oilers won against Stal Mielec 34:29, but it was one of the hardest matches in this season for them. As coach, Lars Walther, admitted on the press conference his team was really tired and he was afraid of this game, especially because of this was last game before Christmas, and this matches are really weird. The game showed that he was absolutely right – to 52. minute Stal was able to play on the same level as Wisla and everybody in Orlen Arena were worried about final result. First 10 minutes were really nervous, both teams made a lot of mistakes, especially Plocks players couldn’t find the right rhythm and they were losing by one goal (3:4). Another big barrier for Wisla were referees, who made a lot outlandish mistakes. Happily for Plock over 52. minute Mielec lost their forces a little bit and Wisla had opportunity to make quite safe result. They did it properly and after 60 minutes won by 5 goals. Big part in that had Petar Nenadić, who had again amazing day – he scored 15 goals and was indisputably the best player of this game.

Orlen Wisła Płock: Šego, Wichary – Eklemović 1, Spanne 4, Wiśniewski 2, Kubisztal 4, Kavaš 3, Ghionea 1, Twardo, Toromanović 2, Syprzak 1, Nenadić 15, Nikčević 1, Ilyés
Tauron Stal Mielec: Kryński, Lipka – Wilk 2, Janyst 2, Krieger, Sobut 4, Szpera 5, Babicz 3, Gawęcki, Gudz, Gliński 2, Krzysztofik 3, Chodara 2, Kostrzewa 6
Suspensions: Orlen Wisła – 14 minut (Eklemović – 2×2, Wiśniewski, Ghionea, Toromanović, Nenadić, Ilyes – 1×2); Tauron Stal – 6 minut (Gudz – 2×2, Kostrzewa 1×2)

TEXT: Michalina Chabowska



  1. Wiślak

    17. December 2012. at 12:37


  2. asdasdas

    16. December 2012. at 19:24

    Kolejny artykuł w języku polskim? Orlen Wisła – 14 minut / Tauron Stal – 6 minut. Żenada.

  3. Kerry

    16. December 2012. at 19:10

    KING Petar!

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