Bundesliga (Round 16): Fuchse Berlin avoids surprise in Gummersbach

For some 40 minutes of the game in the Bundesliga, hosts Gummersbach had complete control over the game and the score in their top match against Fuchse Berlin. At times even leading by 5-6 goals, in the 40th minute the score was still positive for them, 19-16. With 4-goals run Fuchse Berlin manage to turn the score round and equalize. Even game is played until the 55th minute, when from score 24:23 for the Berliners, the hosts fail to score until the end of the match, and the “Foxes” win 28:23. Ivan Nincevic was terrific for the visitors, scoring 10 goals. Putics was the best for the home side scoring 8 goals, while Pfahl and Krause scored 6 goals.

Round 16 scores: Flensburg 29:25 Frisch auf Goppingen, Magdeburg 26-18 Minden, Burgdorf 34:24 Essen, Melsungen 31:29 Balingen

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