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Polish Cup: Wisla Plock with a walkover against Pogon Szczecin in the Final Four

Wisla Plock won against Pogoń Szczecin and got promotion to Final Four Polish Cup. After first game in Szczecin everything was open, because of draw 26:26 but during match on Thursday Oilers show who is better team. In the beginning game was quite tight – Szczecin got lead and first positive result for Wisla came over 10th minute, when the goal for 5:4 scored Adam Wiśniewski. Few minutes after that real cannonade was started by Petar Nenadić, who scored five times over. It gave Wisla four goals advantage and to the break they added five more and won 19:10. In second half they had everything under control and played safely. As they admit in press conference, they were keeping forces for next game, that they are playing on Saturday in polish league with Stal Mielec. Finally they won by thirteen goals (33:20) and in new year spring they will play in Final Four Polish Cup.
Orlen Wisła Płock: Wichary – Eklemović 1, Spanne 2(1k), Wiśniewski 2, Kubisztal 1, Kavaš 1, Ghionea 4(1k), Zołoteńko 2, Toromanović 3, Syprzak 2, Nenadić 10(2k), Nikčević 4, Ilyés
Gaz-System Pogoń Szczecin: Andreev, Stojković – Kwiatkowski, Biały 3, Marcinkian, Gierak 2(1k), Jedziniak, Chakmakov 2, Smuniewski 1, Konitz, Zaremba 4, Kliszczyk 1, Frelek 1, Zydroń 5(2), Walczak 1

TEXT: Michalina Chabowska

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1 Comment

  1. Wisla Fans

    14. December 2012. at 15:53

    Petar Nenadić Show !!!

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