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Polish Fans appeal to the Federation (PHF)

Plock’s fans don’t want any help from the Federation with cheering in national team match.
It is only a month and a few days from the first game for many years, Polish national adult handball players in Plock. There is no doubt that the visit our team in Orlen Arena will be a true celebration of handball and patriotic values.
We are confident that fans in Plock will show the whole Poland cheering what people playing with eagles on the chest deserve. At the same fans have a small appeal to Polish Handball Federation:
”To match the remaining month in PHF probably will collapse any moment last decisions as to carry out the vision of the event in Orlen Arena. We, the fans of Wisla Plock, at this point we need to ask the federal decision-makers with a heartfelt appeal – Ladies and Gentlemen, do not get ready for us fans activists!
Do not spend money on cardboard, or any other “improvers doping”. We do not employ well-known DJs from the retina, or drummers tethered to the electrical system. We show that it can be different! We give you a guarantee that not everything that we fanatics of Plock create a unique atmosphere, which – we hope – also give a boost of energy to our players.
Plock fans repeatedly proved that only with their shout and hands, unable to help Polish players to important victories. Cheering Plock’s fans also praised the youth team coach Jaroslaw Cieślikowski, on the occasion of the January matches Polish with Denmark.
Plock also falls to invite fans from other cities who want to join us in standing position, without the “modern support” personnel do at the game cheering from the real event. Let the celebration will be Oct. 31 from across the Polish fans!

TEXT: Wojciech Wisniewski

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