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Powerful Norway ended Group with +40 goal difference

Norway have packed four points for the Women’s EHF EURO 2020 Main Round. With goal difference +40, team of Thorir Hergeirsson is definitely the best so far in tournament in Kolding and Herning.

Romania – Norway 20-28 (13-13)

Romania: Lorena Ostase 6, Eliza Buceschi 4, Cristina Neagu 4, Laura Popa 3, Cristina Laslo 2, Ana Iuganu 1.

Norway: Camilla Herrem 6, Kari Dale 5, Stine Oftedal 5, Nora Mork 4, Malin Aune 3, Veronica Kristiansen 2, Heidi Loke 1, Stine Skogrand 1, Henny Reistad 1.

Germany previously played 21:21 against Poland to secure two points in the Main Round.

The Polish girls are the last in Group D and for them competition is over.

Norway 6 (4 points in MR) 
Germany 3 (2 points in MR)
Romania 2 (0 points)
Poland 1

Mandatory Credit © Stanko Gruden / kolektiff

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