Powerful Sweden put Split on silent!

Sweden beat Croatia 35:31 in one of the strongest performance of the last decade. Swedish team put on silence 11.000 domestic fans at Spaladium Arena to take all four points for trip to Zagreb where Main Round will take place.

Croatia: Ivan Cupic 7, Marko Kopljar 5, Zlatko Horvat 4, Igor Karacic 4, Stipe Mandalinic 4, Luka Stepancic 2, Luka Cindric 2, Igor Vori 1, Manuel Strlek 1, Zeljko Musa 1

SWEDEN: Albin Lagergren 6, Simon Jeppsson 5, Jesper Nielsen 5, Niclas Ekberg 4, Jim Gottfridsson 4, Terry Tollbring 3, Philip Henningsson 2, Johan Jakobsson 2, Mattias Zachrisson 2, Max Darj 1, Lukas Nilsson 1

Serbia beat Iceland 29:26 and thanks to Swedish win took the last ticket for Zagreb.

Sweden 4
Croatia 4
Serbia 2
Iceland 2

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