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PSG and Kiel to fight for EHF CL F4!

PSG Handball and THW Kiel didn’t let to be surprised at EHF CL TOP 16. Both teams celebrated victories in front of home fans and secured places in the crucial battles for VELUX EHF F4 in Cologne in June. PSG Handball beat RK Gorenje 34:25 (17:17), after bad first half, Gardient’s boys showed that they are class up over young Slovenian team… (first match 28:30).

PSG: Sierra, Annonay, Melić 2 (1), Hallgrimsson 2, Diaw, Garcia Robledo 4, Vori, Gojun, Gunnarsson 7 (1), Abalo 5, Hansen 7, Narcisse, Honrubia 2, Kopljar 2, M’Tima 3, Bojinović.
Gorenje Velenje: B. Burić, Taletović, N. Cehte, Medved 5, S. Burić 5, Skube 6 (4), Golčar, Šoštarič, Papež 1, Vrečar, Dobelšek 1, Gams 1, Nosan, Oštir, Dujmović 4, Bećiri 1.

THW Kiel had even easier job against Motor Zaporozhye 40:28. Filip Jicha led routinely his team until the new triumph over Ukrainians. In the first match, “Zebras” won in Gyor, where Ukrainians were the host with +3 (31:28).

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