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PSG Handball with +4 from Kiel

Nine goals of Sander Sagosen haven’t been enough for THW Kiel to avoid home defeat against PSG Handball 27:31 (12:13) in the first match of the EHF Champions League 1/4 final. Visitors led by Raul Gonzales had more players on the level necessary to win this match with four of them scoring six goals each.

THW Kiel – Paris Saint-Germain 27:31 (12:13)

THW Kiel: N. Landin (1.-60., 12/1 saves), Mrkva (n.e.); Duvnjak, Sagosen (9), Reinkind (5), M. Landin (3/2), Øverby, Wiencek (3), Ekberg (2/2), Pabst (n.e.), Fraatz, Johansson, Dahmke (2), Zarabec (2),Wallinius (1), Bilyk, Pekeler; Trainer: Jicha
Paris Saint-Germain: Palicka (2 7-meter shots, 1/1 save), Green (1.-60., 12/1 saves, 1 goal); Steins (3, N’Tanzi, Keita, Kristopans (6), Nenadic (1), Sole (6), Toft Hansen, Balaguer, Grebille (1), Syprzak (6), L. Karabatic, Mathé, Gibelin (1), Prandi (6); Trainer: Gonzales

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