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RED CARDS, RED CHEEKS: What’s your problem, Talant?

Polish Play Final between Vive Targi Kielce and Orlen Wisla Plock was full of emotions as always, with the “same” winner at the end, but after the fourth match in series, it looks like that some handball “persons” lost their dignity. Both coaches, Talant Dujshebaev and Manolo Cadenas have got the red cards at the very beginning – the third minute of the match. World record or not, that isn’t important for the Polish handball community. More of that is important that two big names of our world was “one of one” on the court – shameful, incredible…

Poland and Europe have seen more interesting seasons and matches between two Polish teams in the recent years, but we didn’t saw that bunch of negative energy between Bogdan Wenta and Lars Walther. Two famous coaches allow themselves to degrade their careers and status which they built through the years. They didn’t come because of “street fight” qualities to Poland. They are in Kielce and Plock to raise that teams to the TOP of European handball.

Talant Dujshebaev has obviously some problems in behaviour during last few years. Only two months ago, Dujshebaev had “overreaction” after match against Rhein Neckar Lowen with Icelander, Gudmundur Gudmundsson. He blamed “Lions” coach that he showed “that” between his legs. He tried to “catch” him after the match, and, as we saw on Sunday, Cadenas had the same problem to “save” the honour of every man…

During the “clash on the court”, Dujshebaev ran to his colleague and try to resume “battle” which began by Cadenas some moments earlier. Both of them were excluded from the match after the contact…

It’s not the first time that Dujshebaev can’t control himself. He has also “warm” head in Cologne 2012 after defeat in the CL final of his BM Atletico Madrid against Kiel. Who is next and where is the problem? Talant has whole summer break to think about it…

Veselin Vujovic was punished with a year suspension in domestic competition after Macedonian Play-Off Final last year. He had to left RK Vardar Skopje at the beginning of the season with the trophy and EHF CL visa which he won.

Talant deserved to get some sanction, Manolo also. It will be helpful for both…




  1. Dante

    29. May 2014. at 15:10

  2. JK

    27. May 2014. at 18:32

    Talant is a idiotic fighter and he proved it in match in RNL and in WP. Talant isn’t couch he is fighter…

  3. Kielce

    27. May 2014. at 18:05

    Jak wam nie wstyd powiatowcy z Płocka wylewać żale na obcym podwórku. Do budy psy i spać>>

  4. Atléti

    27. May 2014. at 17:24

    Shame Manolo

  5. handball

    27. May 2014. at 17:22

    Mariusz Jurkiewicz going to Kielce!

  6. fan

    27. May 2014. at 17:03

    First, Cadenas went to the Kielce zone and provoked them. Cadenas hit Talant first, but you can not see it on this video (only broadcast on TV – Polsat Sport). Cadenas got a red card. Cadenas was not a saint.

  7. champion

    27. May 2014. at 16:49

    Plock can not lose with honor. They always cry, but they know who is the best in Poland.

  8. cry Plock cry

    27. May 2014. at 16:45

    Oilers are pussies 😀

    KIELCE destroyed you AGAIN! 😀

  9. darek73

    27. May 2014. at 14:02

    ludzie teraz to zobaczylem dokładnie, 43s, ten przygłup biegnie prosto do Magika i z nienacka wali go w jaja, to jakis psychol, szkoda że bardziej nie widać…..

  10. CK attention

    27. May 2014. at 12:11

    To all Płock fans: toczę dużego, śmierdzącego pistacjowego Klocka w gardło płockiego powiatowca…

  11. CK to the game

    27. May 2014. at 09:42

    A ja powiem tyle – dużego Klocka w gardło Płocka.

  12. Handball Fan

    27. May 2014. at 08:11

    Kielce is a club where the fans do not have honor. You can take the name throw away from the hall and they will still be as lambs. All of Poland is laughing with their fans. True fans are in Plock and the club to pride Polish handball. For Kielce can only be ashamed.

  13. ...

    27. May 2014. at 07:20

    Talant ballbreaker –

  14. quick

    26. May 2014. at 22:12

    Shame Talant. This is sick coach.

  15. Obiective

    26. May 2014. at 22:07

    This is another prank Talant, according to me should draw conclusions. This man should be punished because it works to the disadvantage of our sport. Another blow below the belt.

  16. Kazirro

    26. May 2014. at 21:41

    There is a problem in Polish League. Referees always allow Vive coaches and players to do more than in other clubs. The league and Kielce has the same sponsor. In every match Wisla has minimum twice more penalties than Kielce. Abroad players don’t belive what is going on here. In Polish Cup Vive win by 1 goal in last second after 5steps with ball by Jurecki. It is really big shame.

  17. jack the oiler

    26. May 2014. at 21:38

    Talant likes older trainers and his balls! Watch out for this ‘wild boy’. Shame on you! JK 100%

  18. hbl

    26. May 2014. at 21:28

    Talant hit in the crotch Manolo Cadenas.

  19. Azbest

    26. May 2014. at 21:15

    Talant has some mental problems definitely. I think he should go to a shrink asap. He should also be suspended for half a year at least. Polish Handball Union should take a respective & immediate measures in order to prevent from such a shameful behaviour that was presented by Talant.

  20. prf

    26. May 2014. at 21:05

    talant did the same thing both with gudmundur and manolo. He is absolutely mad. and the polish ZPRP (Polish handball union) didin’t do anything with this situation. Shame for talant and Polish union either.

  21. Złoty Bogdan

    26. May 2014. at 20:05

    I do not like Wisła, but I admit that Talant This is the second time the coach hits the other team. Is not it dangerous?
    Federal authorities should suspend him. Shame.

  22. Dante

    26. May 2014. at 19:23

  23. Arti

    26. May 2014. at 19:13

    Talant-absolute shame.This is not normaly! Two months-two incidents.Gudmundurr and Manolo are the victims. Who’s next?

  24. Arti

    26. May 2014. at 19:06

    Te konsultant hbl, co ci się moje wpisy nie podobają ?
    Wal sie ode mnie praw(n)iczku i niedoszła gwiazdo handballa.

  25. Arti

    26. May 2014. at 19:02

    Fuck kielce Fuck!!

  26. Julen_Fan

    26. May 2014. at 18:53

    Plock cry cry… Champion is the only one and you know it ! xD

  27. Iker

    26. May 2014. at 18:48

    Shame Manolo

  28. Zgred

    26. May 2014. at 18:05

    Manolo to pajac

  29. Quinie

    26. May 2014. at 16:36

    Talant is realy dangerous for people, mayby one year ban again for him will learn somethink?

  30. kwidzyn

    26. May 2014. at 16:17

    I agree punish them. Holy war is possible to do without putting the game in discredit .

  31. Fred

    26. May 2014. at 15:10

    Shame Talant

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