Rhein Neckar Lowen win German Super Cup 2017

Rhein Neckar Lowen won the first trophy in the new season – PIXUM Super Cup 2017! The two times in a row German champions beat THW Kiel 32:30 (28:28 – 14:11) after 7 meter shot-out in which goalkeepers of Nikolaj Jakobsen showed dominance in battle with duo Landin-Wolff.

The opener of the season was extremelly interesting until the end, when Jerry Tollbring saved the winners by scoring buzzer-beater to ensure 7-meter challenge.

Petersson netted five goals for the winners, while Slovenian playmaker Miha Zarabec showed TOP class performance with seven goals in his first match at “Zebras” t-shirt.

Rhein-Neckar Löwen – THW Kiel 32:30 (28:28, 14:11)

Rhein-Neckar Löwen: Appelgren (ab 44.), Palicka; Pekeler (4), Reinkind (3), Mensah (3), Rnic (1), Guardiola (1), Baena, Sigurdsson, Tollbring (4), Groetzki (3), Taleski (n.e.), Schmid (4), Radivojevic (n.e.), Bliznac (n.e.), Petersson (5)

THW Kiel: Landin, Wolff; Firnhaber, Vujin (1), Wiencek (3), Dissinger, Zeitz, Bilyk (1), Weinhold (2), Nilsson (6), Zarabec (7), Öfors, Dahmke (4), Ekberg (4/4),


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