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Closer insight in TOP 100 transfers: MT Melsungen way to the TOP – Croats are the “best product”

Handball-Planet.com TOP 100 transfers list before the start of a new season attracted a lot of attention all around the handball world as it was also in previous years. We decided to go a little bit deeper in the whole story to analyse, which team made the most in the market, afterwards will be easier to predict the upcoming season effects for some of them.

Alongside the TOP teams like Vive Kielce, Telekom Veszprem and SG Flensburg Handewitt, who made the most “big transfers” if you take in consideration TOP 50 transfers of summer 2017, the most interesting impact on the team will have new forces in German MT Melsungen. The team from Kassel has very good financial structure which able that roster becoming stronger and stronger every next season. With Kuhn, Simic, Lemke and Reichmann, coach Michael Roth got the TOP quality reinforcements in the best ages, ready to make an “earthquake” among the best in DKB Bundesliga. One thing is obvious – differences between TOP 3 teams in DKB Bundesliga (THW Kiel, Rhein Neckar Lowen and SG Flensburg Handewitt) and the “second row” Fuchse Berlin, SC Magdeburg, MT Melsungen, HSG Wetzlar, is smaller than ever.

TOP 100 handball transfers before season 2016/2017

Kielce’s “re-generation” was payed in the last season with early elimination in the EHF Champions League. Now, it is time for a new beginning with names like Alex Dujshebaev, Blaz Janc and Marko Mamic. Dujshebaev signed the “best of the best” in some positions and it will be interesting to see how quick they will adapt on the playing system.

Interesting signings also made French Chambery Savoie. The Tunisian right back Bannour and Croatian left-back Obranovic are “tempted bombs”, capable to play against any team in Europe.

The number of signed players by team among TOP 50 transfers:

Vive Kielce 4
Telekom Veszprem 4
SG Flensburg Handewitt 4
MT Melsungen 4
Rhein Neckar Lowen 3
Chambery Savoie 3
PSG Handball 2
Frisch Auf Goppingen 2
TSV Hannover Burgdorf 2
Meshkov Brest 2
Tremblay 2
THW Kiel 1
HBC Nantes 1
FC Barcelona Lassa 1
DHfK Leipzig 1
Montpellier Handball 1
Skjern Handbold 1
Bjerringbro Silkeborg 1
RK Vardar Skopje 1
RK Celje PL 1
Fuchse Berlin 1
SC Magdeburg 1
HC Erlangen 1
RK PPD Zagreb 1
Saran 1
Pick Szeged 1
Kadetten Schaffhausen 1

The number of signed players by their nationalities among TOP 100.

Croatia 10
Germany 9
Slovenia 8
Serbia 8
Spain 7
Russia 7
France 7
Sweden 6
Denmark 6
Norway 4
Hungary 3
Montenegro 3
Poland 3
Macedonia 2
Tunisia 2
Czech Republic 2
BiH 2
Latvia 1
Ukraine 1
Portugal 1
Egypt 1
Qatar 1
Iceland 1
Brazil 1
Belarus 1
Chile 1

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