RK Trimo Trebnje gets “House of Handball Academy”

Last Friday, the doors of the “House of the RK Trimo Trebnje Handball Academy” opened. The symbolic opening of the facility in the scope of 430 m 2 and 150,000 euros of total investment was made by the RK Trimo Trebnje team and the Mayor of the Municipality of Trebnje Alojzij Kastelic.  

The modernly equipped business and residential building, intended for 9 players, as an accommodation and living area together with the ground floor, first floor and attic covers an area of ​​430 m 2 , of which 150 m 2 of space on the ground floor is intended for physiotherapy. Club physiotherapist Rudi Slobodnik will continue to take care of possible rehabilitation after injuries, regeneration, massage and physiotherapy.

Given the great needs of physiotherapy activities in the municipality itself, they will also be carried out for outsiders. When arranging the premises, the architects Marko and especially Katarina put themselves in the role of a young athlete and understood his wishes and needs very well and turned them into an imaginatively useful residential part.

Jure Višček, main investor and vice-president of RK Trimo Trebnje:
“The unfinished house was bought together with the Pri Dedu inn, as the owners at the time wanted to arrange an apartment in it. Given that this was an unfinished construction, which was already partially decaying, it was of course necessary to start work on the completion of the facility as soon as possible. However, since I have been actively connected with RK Trimo for 30 years, I know the annual problems that arise when looking for accommodation for club players. In the member team, some of the players come from distant places or even from other countries. The teams of the younger selections also include players from Metlika, Črnomelj, who need accommodation a few days a week. The location of the facility gives them quick access to the gym and public transport stops. The results of the club are phenomenal and the players deserve something more. “

Alojzij Kastelic, Mayor of the Municipality of Trebnje:
“Without Jure, it would be difficult to wish such successes and in Trebnje we need a winning mentality. The history of the club says that there were a large number of representatives from this environment and it seems that there will be more and more of them. So my big congratulations for the success, for ranking in Europe. At the same time, I wish you the best in this group work and I encourage you to be in the top four. We hope that the situation will allow us to follow you in Europe. The bright future is yours. There is a lot in the work, partly also in the head. The winning team spirit on the pitch can do anything and I want you to do it. “

Anton Janc, president of RK Trimo Trebnje:
“This is a great acquisition. From day one, I wished we could one day have our own premises available for the handball academy. In fact, if you want to work with young people, you have to provide them with a space where they can live normally for the rest of the time outside of training. Until now, we have always rented premises in Trebnje, but that was not it. Now you will be connected to each other even outside of training and we know that this will certainly be a real synergy. Let the house of the handball academy offer you comfort and space for socializing. “

The Trima Trebnje Handball Club Handball Academy is enabled and is also implemented in cooperation with the NLB banka Youth Sports project.

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