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RK Vardar unhappy with referees, Samsonenko: Should we keep silent?

Macedonian RK Vardar are unhappy with the judges in the second match of the VELUX EHF Champions League TOP 8 against SG Flensburg last weekend, which team from Skopje won 27:25, but that wasn’t enough to them to qualify for the F4 event in Cologne (first match 24:22 for Germans). RK Vardar’s president Sergey Samsonenko expressed his feelings about the match, refferes, gave some new ideas and praised home fans at the PRESS conference, on which VIDEO material of referees mistakes was presented:

– I want to extend my congratulations to the fans who gave support to the club in one voice, to thank them for the fair and correct winding , and I can proudly say that Skopje has the best fans in the world , that’s for sure. I want to thank KOMITI who gave us their tremendous support and showed how big they are. Many people expected accidents or to draw attention to another aspect , but our fans did not give them a chance for that and were the best in relation to any other game – said Samsonenko and spoke about referees couple:

– Another situation that I would like to comment is about the judges who were delegated for this match. I can not say who organized this arbitration, but I can surely say that the arbitration was unfair for us, I can not tell from where it comes so you do not think that these are empty words, you can see from the video – a complete analysis of how the arbitration was realized and I personally think that we didn’t have so bad arbitration this season. The recording that we want to send it to the European Handball Federation and the International European Federation as a protest, and we want to show that nothing was accidental but intended.

Russian boss is hardly dissapointed after all:

– It does not hurt us that we will not play in the F4, it hurts the fact that we fell away in an unsporty manner. When the whole team is working hard for one year, it invests funds and energy and at the end two people come and do criminal. It is a sin to do this in a city that has three clubs in the Champions League, in the city and country that are living for handball, in the club that has two teams in the Champions League and for the people who honestly show their love and support.

Samsonenko shared some new ideas…

– I have an initiative and we want to send a request and claim to the other European clubs. To inform some association, or authority, that will be independent, composed of experts, it may be composed of former judges, honest people who will inform the public and the federations in order to protect the clubs from intentionally unfair arbitration. At the same time they will help the judges, I know that they are people and that they make mistakes as well but over some period of time they would become an authoritative body. I would not know to tell you at this moment how this organization will work, but I am giving an idea.

Handball is in worst situation of all team’s sport in Europe, because of this kind of things…

– This is our initiative and this idea came to me. It is no secret that European handball is in worst situation, many clubs went bankrupt in Europe, Russia and the Balkans. When you invest in a club and referees cause a problem, then you do not want to invest anymore. Regardless of which club or country, experts must be from a different country. Just because we speak loudly we could have problems with EHF, but what should we do, should we keep silent? We stand for the truth and better progress for the handball in Europe and I would like EHF to help with this.

EHF as a partner…

– I think that EHF should be grateful that we are talking loud, if this is fair play then, let it be fair play . In this case it would be unfair of me to offend some people or an organization, I know that all of this was on purpose, who is to blame for it I can not say because I do not want to offend anyone. I expect EHF to make Commission and to consider the situation, because this is a bad way for all clubs in Europe. All clubs must be merged together and fight against this arbitration. The criteria must be equal for everyone, because today it happened to us, but in the future it might happen to someone else – concluded Samsonenko.



  1. Anonymous

    2. May 2014. at 10:16

    Dear leadership of EHF …. Are you bad penalties or rewards trial judges from Spain match Vardar-Flensugurg will either award …. it is sad such a bad trial which directly helped Flensburg go to F4. and if .. every year, must, be in two German teams …. even with judicial assistance for EHF … shame …plase fer play game….this judges judged wrong and biased in Flensburg….

  2. Will

    1. May 2014. at 19:56

    This video must be joke. Nearly all the slow-motions show that the decisions were completely right.

  3. Fico

    1. May 2014. at 19:06

    I was at stands when Vardar was literally robbed by the referees..
    Dear EHF,
    Please, please do NOT underestimate the Balkan fans! How can a referee offer a detailed explanation for every Flensburg foul,while refuse to have a conversation to Vardar players?? Igor Karacic was with blooded face, I saw the punch but they don`t.. Flensburg defense was on 5 meters, no penalty, still no penalty?!?!
    Beside this, I don`t now if this is Champion League or Bundes League? Why every Final 4 to be in Germany?

  4. KN

    1. May 2014. at 12:57

    This is ritch. Has the russion millionaire watched the mathch in Flensburg? Vranjes kept calm. Very bad losers in Mazedonia. Shame.

  5. JJ

    30. April 2014. at 22:12

    Did he see, what the refs did in Flensburg? That was the worst job I have seen since the CL-Final Barca-Kiel in 2000. Refs did everything to help Vardar…. and how did Vranjes react? He showed that he is one of the smartest coaches in handball and kpt the focus on the second match.

  6. Anon.

    30. April 2014. at 21:28

    I watched the video. Vardar is absolutely right, this is what exactly happened to Veszprem the last year. I can fully understand the anger from the fans and from the club leaders as well. It is all about that minimum two german teams must be in the final four. Sad! This is not handball anymore, this is a simple and base cheating!

  7. Anonymous

    30. April 2014. at 20:53

    LET THEM PLAY………I hope that the leadership of EHF will wake up from the bad dream and “Finally” realize that behind all teams, no matter where they come from, there are people, coaches, sponsors and players who invested too much in handball !!! Dear Gentlemen from EHF…..until when You will tolerate, handball game to depend on only two referees, and their belief or opinion who in many cases sofar make only harmful decisions, usually at the critical time of the game (deliberately or not), destroying the game and the teams, and above all, destroying credibility of the EHF!!! The popularity of this game is currently very high, and therefore I strongly recommend you to take measures in the future, that the game must depend solely and exclusively on the quality of the players and their game, and no, and never more by the referees decisions!!! I expect in the future You will introduce sanctions and penalties for the referees who will not be in the line of the task that you from EHF entrusted them! I hope that my message will reach you all….in order to, FINALLY let this awesome game called HANDBALL to be more fun and enjoyment and never again disappointment!!! LET THEM PLAY

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