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SEHA GSS “All Star” to play against Meshkov Brest on May 2

SEHA GSS League’s Selection will for the first time come together in Brest, May the 2nd. They will play on twentieth memoral tournament which will be hosted by handball club Meshkov in a memory of clubs founder Anatoliy Meshkov. Such a match will be a great way to celebrate in front of Meshkov’s home crowd. Because of many obligations SEHA GSS clubs have at the moment Selection will be made out of players from three teams – CO Zagreb, Tatran Presov and NEXE.

Match will be played on May the 2nd, 17:00 local time. 


Ivan Stevanović (CO Zagreb)

Filip Ivić (CO Zagreb)

Perica Lelić (NEXE)

Radoslav Antl (Tatran)

Lovro Šprem (CO Zagreb)

Zlatko Horvat (CO Zagreb)

Franjo Lelić (NEXE)

Andrej Petro (Tatran)

Goran Mrđenović (NEXE)

Igor Vujić (NEXE)

Marin Vegar (NEXE)

Oliver Rabek (Tatran)

Josip Šandrk (CO Zagreb)

Josip Valčić (CO Zagreb)

Luka Šebetić (CO Zagreb)

Šime Ivić (NEXE)

Dainis Kristopans (Tatran). 

Treneri: Boris Dvoršek (CO Zagreb), Aleksandar Brković (Partizan)

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