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RNL launch Cup Final 4 goal: “Make Hamburg great again”

The German champions Rhein Neckar Lowen starts with campaign for the German Cup Final4 which will be held traditionally in Hamburg on April 9 and 10. Despite the fact that this will be their 10th appearance in the last 12 years,”Lions” still didn’t manage to win the trophy.

Campaign is called “Make Hamburg great again”, not original (Donald Trump campaign), but sweet…

Here is what is written on RNL’s jersey dedicated to the event.


Not giving it up since 2006.

We are the Rhein-Neckar Löwen and our hands are big, really huge.
They can grab really big balls, they are called „handballs“.
We have the best balls, trust me.
And we can build walls, too. They are called „Block“. We have the largest walls and balls in the entire handball-world.
We participated in this competition since 2006 without winning, no other team achived this before.
But our fans are still comming. They are the best fans in the world, for sure.
It will be a tremendous time.

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