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“Romanian Princess”, Cristina Neagu: “I know I’m like a lion”

As you know, we where at the World Championship in Sweden and from there, brought some interesting interviews, as  with thes best IHF World female player of the Year 2010, Romanian youngstart, Cristina Neagu (22). Let’s read how she reacted on the biggest prize in the handball world:

– This is just wonderful, the biggest moment of my career. I hope that I won’t stop with this. All time of this world is in front of me. I am looking forward to my future. Hopefully, I will keep to grow as a player.

At the court, you are looking as a Lion and Princess in the same time?

– It is true (laugh). When I am on the court, I don’t think about injuries, to break nail or neck. I just want to win every game in that 60 minutes. I know that I am like a Lion. I love that. Handball is my life…

With a national team, you won bronze medal at the EHF EURO 2010 in Norway and Denmark. Obviously weren’t so easy to compete with three Scandinavians NT in the final stage?

– It was so difficult. We played against Denmark in the Main Round and they weren’t hospitable to us. We managed to beat them for the bronze.  It was really tough game. Result 16:15 talking about everything. That is my first medal and I won’t stop. I hope that this is just beginning…

You made a huge step in the promotion of handball in Romania…

– Handball is popular, but nothing like a football. We have to do more. This prize is a result of that popularity, which grew up, when we won a medal. People were in front of TV, supported us, etc. That is why I don’t understand, why is football so popular, when they don’t have results…

That is a global question. It was a rumour that you want to leave Oltchim and move to Viborg?

– I signed a new contract with a team. I will stay in Valcea two more years. My biggest New Year’s wish was to win the EHF Champions League with Oltchim.  I have a great individual prizes and this bronze, but bronze isn’t a gold. As I told you, I am at the beginning.  I have all the time of this World to win everything in handball. Hopefully, God will be with us…

Can you imagine, that you are a coach, who has to make a “dream team”. Who will be in (Romanian players are excluded)?

– Very diffucult task. I am on the left back, of course (laugh). I would like young players in my team. Andrea Lekić would be at playmaker position. Right back and left wing, Danes, Camila Dalby and Mia Augustesen. On the right wing, Norwegian, Nora Mork. Sorry, but I can’t  remember all the players in the moment. For goalkeepers and line players, some youngstar. Actually, I don’t know any youngstar. Do you know? – ask Cristina journalist of Planet-Handball.com and finished – They are all experienced and in the best ages. I told you that this is to tough task. One day, when I become a coach, I will tell you…



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  2. florin

    20. February 2011. at 17:47

    romanian princess …thank you criss

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    8. February 2011. at 18:54

    I love you Criss

  4. droe

    8. February 2011. at 17:27

    Simply the BEST! 🙂

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