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Russian NT coach, Evgeny Trefilov: “Handball is sub-developed sport”

Interesting short statement after WCh 2011 quater-final match between Russia and France had “always-angry” coach of the Russian National Team, Evgeny Trefilov:

– I do not have any impressions of this match. In contrast to other sports handball is sub-developed, as still no technical devices are allowed to help the referees.

In “good mood” was French coach, Olivier Krumbholz:

– We showed a great defence with a great goalkeeper, I have to congratulate my players for this great victory in this important match.  Concerning this importance I can imagine, how Jewgeny Trefilow is feeling now. In the second half we caused a minimum of mistakes and played 100 per cent and with patience in attack.  Compared to 2003, when we became World Champion, this team of today is much physically stronger.

Anna Sen, player Russia:

– We played well in defence, but we lost the match in attack. Maybe some players had been tired.

Siraba Dembele, player France: We won the game in the defence, as we stopped the Russians – and due to our patience in attack we won this game.

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