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Sander Sagosen will be a part of Kolstad IL until summer 2027: There hasn’t been much doubt…

Future of Norwegian most ambitious handball product Kolstad IL is secure, Sander Sagosen will stay at least until summer 2027.

The 29-years old world-class playmaker has extended contract on three more years with the team from EHF Champions League from Trondheim.

– We have agreed on a contract that will last three more seasons, and I am looking forward to that. I am proud that we are able to achieve this, able to build this project further.

How did you decide to say yes to the new contract?

There hasn’t really been much doubt on my part, but it has always been my wish that we should achieve this. With what happened this summer, the club had to take some measures and we players put ourselves in a slightly different situation. So it has been a fantastic autumn which it has been fun to be a part of. We have played good handball, and I think it has been fun working with the group.

– For my own part, I have also felt that I have delivered well, and it has been fun to play in both the Champions League and the REMA 1000 league. So there hasn’t been much doubt on my part – the task has been to get the logistics up and running and show that this project is sustainable after all and that we will continue to build this year after year. It looks fine the way things are now. And then it is necessary that we continue to work hard to make it happen.

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